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David Bates Jr

David Bates, Jr. aka DavidJrDotCom, directs, shoots and edits.
DavidJr’s unique docs include the filmmaker as an active and welcome participant.
His 90 min feature doc, One Eyed Doll, is an engaging portrait of road warrior/rocker
Kimberly Freeman’s quest for stardom and creative fulfilment.
It’s a charming funny and revealing slice of life on the road.

David Bates Jr. is also the Streaming Museum’s co-producer. Here he documents the Streaming Museum’s collaboration with Bj√∂rk, Andrew Thomas Huang, the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art and the Times Square Advertising Coalition: An installation in Times Square that activates nightly at the stroke of midnight –

His work covers the high/low arts, the convergence pop culture,fashion and the fine art world.

“David Bates, Jr. AKA “davidjr.com” whose charmingly raw documentary-style shorts
and off-the-cuff interviews with the likes of Christian Slater and Robert Wilson
got the blogosphere – and the entertainment industry – buzzing.” – Interview Magazine
Montage of his work for W Magazine, IBM, Capital One, Puma, K*Swiss, Starburst Candy,
Jet Blue, MSN, Acura, Gen Art, Digitas.

Work featured in:
Interview Magazine, The Huffington Post, W Magazine, Billboard,
Access Hollywood, TMZ, Boing Boing, Perez Hilton, USA Today, Ad Age,
Engadget, Gothamist, TV Week, Latino Review, Flavorpill, Moviefone,
Cinematical, Gizmodo, Rocketboom.
David has created over 700 short films and videos for the web,
and is co-producer of Streaming Museum, which presents real-time
arts exhibitions in cyberspace and public space on 7 continents. Streaming Museum

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