these house rules will help us all keep our space pleasant for all!

• please keep your space neat and clean. tie up your waste baskets’ trash bags regularly and take to large blue barrels in freight area.

• please wash and recycle bottles, cans, plastic containers and place in recycling bin under kitchen counter. do not throw paper, plastic wrap, or foam containers in recycling.

• the fridge is small so please keep food storage to a minimum. please do not leave open containers, bottles, cans, etc in the fridge. please don’t leave leftover food more than 24 hours. please condense food into smaller containers. we will keep milk stocked for everyone. we will stock sodas, wine and beer when our clients are in house.
we will provide space in the freight area for your supplies.

• please keep the kitchen clean. wipe down counters and dining table. scrape, rinse and put dishes/glasses in the dishwasher. cups and glasses on top rack, dishes in bottom rack. rinse out food stuff and empty strainer in garbage. whoever leaves last on friday nights, please run the dishwasher. tie up garbage and put in blue barrel in freight area. be sure cover is on the blue barrel.

please help us keep restrooms clean. wipe down sinks from splattered water, hair, etc. toss your paper waste inside the waste basket. bathroom tissue if it’s getting low in the stall. please be sure to flush! hold down handle to flush longer if needed.

your cardboard boxes should be flattened and tied up in a bundle for recycling on the counter
in the freight area.
magazines and newspapers can be stacked on the counter in the freight area.