Hungrr is growing. Hunger in America.

HUNGRR attacks at 30 Rockefeller Center 4/19/06

Hungrr hits the streets

New York, NY (PRNOW) April 20, 2006
Hungrr made an appearance recently at Rockefeller Center and – after a pitched battle – was driven off by the orange jumpsuit clad End team. Hungrr and the End team will be battling throughout NYC this year.
Congress is now considering tax legislation to help hungry Americans access more food. Read about it here.
To see HUNGRR video goto HUNGRR.COM
“We hope by bringing the issue to people ‘in person’ and in a humorous way, we can sneak into their mind gardens and plant happy helping thought seeds.”
– Owen Plotkin, creator of the Hungrr character.
In Nov 2006 Hungrr,LLC., was created. A company created to raise awareness of the facts and the issues around
hunger in America. See the blog at Hungrr.com

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