The Cashies® launched

Competition to recognize world’s most entertaining ads with cash.

New York, NY (PRNOW) April 8, 2006
A new international advertising award show that features a unique monetary prize has been launched. The Cashies® is the creation of the now corporation’s media neutral progressive think tank – nowthinking – located in New York City. Winning ad makers will receive cash prizes ranging from forty eight dollars to nine hundred sixty dollars for Grand prize The Cashies® winners. Prize amounts are based on the national average minimum wage, ranging from one day to one month’s pay – before deducting social security, workers’ compensation and local, state and federal taxes.
The Cashies® will be judged online by the general public. “This is, to my knowledge, the only advertising awards competition to be judged by a jury made up of people working outside the advertising business. The Cashies® are, I think, poised to become the discount Nobel Prize for advertising.” says Owen Plotkin, chairman of The Cashies® .

Entry and jury details will be announced this fall.
The categories will include consumer created advertisments, mobile video, buzz, and viral marketing. Planned is a website where the public will vote on entrants. The final decision on recognition for outstanding creativity and entertainment value will be handled by a jury of creative talent from a variety of fields outside of advertising. A web streamed awards show and party in New York City, and a DVD compilation. A portion of the proceeds will benefit hunger relief NGOs. Those interested in sponsorship opportunities please contact owen @ thenowcorporation . com or call 212 367 7701

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