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Nelson Leonard, is an award-winning Editor and a Founding Partner of The NOW Corporation. He spent his formative years racing motocross and as a film cameraman. He is married with two kids and loves kayaking and long bicycle tours. His credits include many Super Bowl spots for NFL Network, and NBC, iconic work for Ikea, Snapple and Burger King. Recently completed his second season of cutting episodes of the critically acclaimed sitcom, “Married,” on the FX network. Starring Nat Faxon,Judy Greer,Brett Gelman,Jenny Slate and Paul Reiser. Airs Thurs 1030 PM. Nelson has a long history working with top Commercial Directors like Stacy Wall, Phil Morrison, Matt Aselton, Paul Goldman, Lisa Rubich, Renny Maslow, Allan Broce and more.. Nelson, is a master of all genres, whose talent shines on everything from visual storytelling to dialog-driven comedy to emotional doc-style work.

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Jesse Reisner, editor/partner, lives in Park Slope with his wife Nancy and two kids. While at Brown University as a physics major Jesse happened into a campus midnight screening of Blazing Saddles and days later dropped physics for film, media and journalism classes graduating with a BA with honors, of course. He’s a pretty good blues guitar player and an avid (not Final Cut) reader. In demand and much beloved by creatives Eric Silver, Adam Chasnow, Sherrod Melvin, among others, and on speed dial at agencies like Grey and CP+B and Havas, production companies Hungry Man, Smuggler, Caviar, Biscuit. He’s strong on effects driven work as well and visual humor and dialogue.Jesse has worked a lot with Clay Weiner, Amir Farhang, Jun Diaz, Hank Perlman.





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